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The Company manufactures PVC Battery Separators in many different sizes suitable for Lead-Acid Batteries used in all kinds of applications like Automotive Batteries, Train Lighting batteries, Defence Wireless Batteries, Two-wheeler Batteries, Photoflash applications, and batteries for UPS and inverters. The current production capacity is about 27 million pieces a year. 

" AGNI "  Battery Separators are manufactured from Emulsion Grade, homopolymer high purity  PVC resin manufactured in Europe. 

PVC separators have high volume porosity which tends to maximize battery capacity. It has inherent small pores which inhibits short circuits due to "lead treeing" in battery operation. Its low internal resistance maximizes the performance of the battery under high rate of discharge. It is physically and chemically stable in the extremely corrosive battery cell environment.  

Such excellent attributes of PVC Separators make them  universally accepted as the preferred separator in all types of lead -  acid battery applications. They are placed between the +ve and the –ve plates of lead-acid batteries to avoid any short-circuit. At the same time, these separators, being microporous, absorb the electrolyte due to capillary action and help in maintaining the circulation of the electrolyte. 

" AGNI "  PVC Battery Separators manufactured by the Company are ribbed on one side and plain on the other side. 

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