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    Since the beginning, Om Impex Trade Link, sister concern of Everest Group, has been enterprising in the fields of trade and services, whether it be in the domestic markets or in the international arena. The group has an enviable trading expertise and a well-established marketing network all over the country. 

    Wide range of products imported, marketed, distributed or indented in the country include Chemicals (Caustic Soda, Sodium Sulphite, Chlorine and Soda Ash), Non-Ferrous Metals (DAEWOO & ZINSA), home appliances (AUCMA, Singapore), office equipment, photographic / video cameras, clothing materials and various consumer products (oil seeds, umbrellas, dry fruits and nuts, spices etc.)

    Chemical fertilizers such as DAP, MAP etc. and Urea 46 are imported / indented from various countries to cater the agricultural sector of Nepal. We also participate in government fertilizer tenders.


    Nepal is a country with diverse geographical features and limited infrastructure. Under such formidable conditions bulk transportation has always proven to be extremely challenging. 
    Saraff Transport Service (STS), a sister concern, provides transportation service of various goods and cargo in the country. STS is only one of the very few transport service providers in the country who can be relied for punctual delivery of customers’ goods. It is our network of branches and highly qualified staff which make transportation from Indian seaports to the remote areas of Nepal. We have branches and ware houses spread over the major cities in Nepal and Calcutta (only port used for Nepal) to ensure easy and systematic flow of goods from source to destination.
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